Amanush to be Re-Made by Shakti Films….

31 Jul

Legendary film maker from Bengal Shakti Samanta was credited for starting a trend in making films in double version.  In year 1974 he made Amanush in Hindi and Bengali.  It was a huge hit.

In the recent past son AshimSamantawho  contributed with several interesting projects in his career span in Bollywood decided to revive his father’s banner.  He has produced  a film which has son AdityaSamanta making his debut in Yeh Jo Mohabbat  Hai releasing on 3rd August.  He has co-star NaziaHussain (who is the grand niece of NargisDutt, and niece to Sanjay Dutt).
The film has Farida Jalal who participates with the 3rd generation this time around and other actors like MohnishBehl, RatiAgnihotri, Anuradha Patel, MukeshTiwari etc…in this film.

The film background is set amongst a set of proud Indian families comprising of the Rathore and Choudhary who are both very wealthy hoteliers from Udaipur in Rajasthan.  An unsolved murder of a family member, combined with business rivalry and the need to prove to each other their supremacy deepens the enmity. However, God has other plans. A girl (Karishma) is born to the Rathore family and a boy (Karan) to the Choudhary family.   23 years hence, unknown of their family backgrounds, they meet each other one summer in the romantic and breathtaking locales of Poland where the journey of love and togetherness begins….It’s a beautiful narration where emotions, drama, lilting music and passionate romance make a great comeback.

The music is the highlight of the film and some interesting aspect is the lyrics of the title track ‘ PyarKarna Na tha’ has been acquired from the unused lyrics of AnandBakshi. With fantastic music provided by Anu Malik. Also the  playback singers has a diverse range of talent like  Mohitchauhan, Shaan, Sonu Nigam, Roop Kumar Rathod, Alisha Chinai, ShreyaGhoshal and NeerajShridhar… Also in a  first is the father – daughter duo Anu and Anmol Malik who come together for the peppy and racy wedding number in the film ‘ Big Fat Indian Wedding’.  Anmol’s voice suits the young and bubby star NaziaHussain who seems pretty smitten by the number. Anmol shows great promise and has been applauded by the members of the music industry on her talent.


Shakti Films have contributed with some great films to the Indian film industry…Movies like Howrah Bridge, China Town, Amar Prem, Aradhana, Kati Patang, Kashimir Ki Kali, An Evening in Paris are some of the iconic films and Shakti Samanta name is taken with great reverence and regards by members of the film fraternity.


AshimSamanta has expressed interest in the remake of Amanush with son Aditya in the lead cast…




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