3D Horror Mumbai 125 kms to release this August starring Veena Mallik, Rajeev Anand. Directed by Hemant Madhukar

RAJEEV ANAND & VEENA MALIK -on the sets of Mumbai 125 km —

RAJIV ANAND Montage shot Mumbai 125 kmThe screen sizzles with the chemistry between Rajeev and Veena, as the two play the lead in Hemant Madhukar’s next 3D offering MUMBAI 125 KMS- both share an extremely tumultuous relationship in the film. The extreme highs and lows which build up the characters.

Rajeev was all excited, “Working with Veena Mallik and Director Hemant has been a good experience. Veena is a gifted actress and the director Hemant is very talented and focussed and knows exactly what he wants from his actors ” As far as the film is concerned, Rajeev is super excited to have been part of this project which has taught him to remain calm even in adverse circumstances since shooting a 3D consumes 3 times more time at per average. “The story/ script is what compelled me to do the film.and it was a blessing in disguise for him, the thriller will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Essentially, a horror film in a 3D format,is the next in concept, audience will be intrigued to watch.”

Rajeev has many more tv serials and films to his credit. He has done cameos – been a significant part of International films like ”Pride”, directed by a Japanese film (Dir Yuko Ito), a french film, Butterfly from the East (International film fest entry), to name a few. In addition, he has also performed in many TV serials and Music albums and a known face in the modelling world.

He is looking forward to his Hollywood film with the well known Indian director settled abroad who has won several accolades , which has an eclectic mix of star cast – with artists from Hollywood, Asia and from all around the world cinema, he is excited with the aspect of doing a meaty role in this film with highest caliber of technicians and a well known International star cast and will surely put him on the world map , but his lips are sealed to reveal further about details and says only when it goes on floor early next year ,shall I speak out it , till then I am bound by a non disclosure agreement. He also has two hindi films ,both by known production houses which go on the floor around August and October respectively and a Telugu film being directed by ”Suresh Natrajan” – a superb Director – well known for his intriguing awe inspiring revolutionary film ”PETALS ” besides others .