‘Shatika – The undraped’ gets selected as short of the week by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films.

16903183_1278420298906973_1927956445760563940_o - CopyShatika – The undraped, produced by Aditya Bharadwaj (Y-Star Cine & Television Pvt Ltd) & directed by debutante Sritama Dutta, Ashwini Pakhrot being the cinematographer is a gripping short film about a beggar girl who is making ends meet to keep the smile on her mother’s face intact & ends up in issues related to HIV Aids.

This short film has received several applause at various film festivals from Women’s only Entertainment film festival 2017 (WOEFF), Semifinalist in Best of India short film fest 2017 (London), Cardiff international film festival, Haryana International Film Festival, Delhi International Film Festival, Jodhpur International Film Festival, Bushman Film Festival (Africa), Sandalia Sustainability Film Festival, Digital hash by being their official mention and winning titles,  It continues to do the rounds of national & international award festival.

Recently ‘Shatika – the undraped’ has been recognized by Royal Stag Barrel (Popular YouTube based large short film channel) and has been chosen as the ‘Short of the week’, Shatika has been officially announced by Royal Stag Barrel and is available to the viewers on their official Facebook page. (http://bit.ly/ShatikaatLSF)

This Short Film has been catching some eyes for a while now & hasn’t stopped since then, the team is sure of capturing more platforms with this masterpiece.


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