7UP®, fido dido makes an appearance in its super-duper refreshing summer campaign featuring brand ambassador and superstar Rashmika Mandanna. The film showcases Rashmika’ s experience with 7UP® as it brings alive the brand’s new positioning ‘Super Duper Refresher’ across India.

Opening on a sunny, sweltering day, the new film features Rashmika requesting a shopkeeper for a 7UP®. The shopkeeper gives Rashmika a chilled bottle of 7UP®, but he does so with caution, which leaves her puzzled. Rashmika opens the bottle of 7UP®, and the scene shifts to a distant glacier, where a blob of water, creatively depicting refreshment, begins to form and then travels across snow-clad mountains, moving towards Rashmika as she brings the bottle closer to her mouth. The bottle of 7UP® here is like a magnet that pulls the ultimate source of refreshment towards you, irrespective of where you are.

The blob, now a massive bubble of refreshment, grows…

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