Saveeta Bajaj – Author and Life Adventurer


About the Author :

Hi Friends!

I’m Saveeta Bajaj…’Savvy’ to friends.

Blogging came to me naturally, considering my background in PR & Communication, I was always well networked with people around the city.   This led to another career opportunity as a  Producer / Fixer to international crew members visiting Mumbai to cover its newsmakers, events, and happenings.

Due to my multiple workings, I was exposed to some amazing people who chanced my way.  Some stories were told some waited to be heard.

By then motherhood had set in and amidst the multiple roles I played, being a mommy took center stage.  My universe was and is my son #JeehanBajaj.  But I didn’t want to lose my sense of identity and that’s how my blogs happened.

Every story I told through my past association with the international media houses, revealed how awe-inspiring my homeland is to the world.   I wanted to share more of this unique city. My blogs encompass all aspects of this vibrant and multi-cultured city –  its people, places, business, lifestyle and so much more.

So far….I’m loving it! I am reliving my life through the eyes of my son, revisiting places, making new friends, and building more meaningful relations.

I have learned so much in such a small space of time and it becomes incredibly addictive. I could spend hours looking at the mechanics of blogging.

Well, I still have a long way to go before I can call myself a successful blogger and compete with the big-wigs out there but it will come with hard work and pure determination.

It will be interesting to look back on the blog post in a few years’ time to see where I have managed to get to. I hope this has been somewhat interesting to you and thank you for reading. You can contribute with your stories on lifestylesofmumbai@gmail.com.  

You can also get to read my other blog posts here: indiansaroundtheworld.com  and globalnewsmakers.com.

||  This Blog….is dedicated to my Mom and my Mother-in-law   ||





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