Saveeta Bajaj – Editor and Lifestyler


About the Editor :

Hi Friends !

You can simply call me Savvy. I was born and raised in this beautiful bustling city called Mumbai. I’ve been privy to the evolution of the city from Bombay to Mumbai, the ups and downs that makes this city a global place to reckon with.

My various workings in corporate and private sectors handling Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Events and then driving the Communication Cell for a leading coglomerate leaves me confident of handling any given responsibility with aplomb.

My interest in travel lead me to handle the famous group tours for the reputed SOTC- Kuoni India, putting me in touch with the warm and friendly friends I have around the world today, helping me experience the cultures and lifestyle of the countries I have been to.

Another hat I wore over the past two decade was of producing documentaries and news stories for leading international media houses as CNN International, Al Jazeera, Reuters, ABC News, Channel Four, etc.

Now a Mom to a 9 year old young man, I love the idea of spending time participating in creating memories for him.

Some experiences leave an impression for life. I’ve had mine stamped and sealed.
The spirit of the people, places of every interest, historic walk, food, fashion, business, drama all unfolded right here on my blogs.

. . . so if you have a story to tell, a news feature you would like published or an act of godliness you would like to report, send in your story/release/invite, pictures and video on bajajsaveeta@gmail.com or saveeta.mediasavvy@gmail.com. You can also whatsapp me on 7738966044.





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