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Singer Amika Shail and Actor Dishank Arora launch new season of Diamond Jewellery for LJOW !

This Valentine’s Day Leading Jewelers of the World (LJOW) launched an exciting and exquisite Season of Love Diamond Jewellery collection exclusively at Shoppers Stop’s outlets in Mumbai. The collection of stylish and lightweight designs in gold and diamonds was unveiled at a fashion show this evening at Shopper’s Stop, In Orbit Mall, Malad.

Each piece looks large and solid, but is actually extremely light and easy to wear. The secret? Hollow interiors that are not apparent to the viewer due to special techniques used in crafting. Stylish and lightweight, the pieces are also extremely affordable.

The famous fashion designer Nidhi Jain Kumar – famous for her Indo-Western blend, designed a special collection for the launch. Speaking on the occasion Nidhi said “Valentine is the day of love and truly nothing expresses love better than a diamond.  LJOW wished to commemorate the season with this special collection. The specially designed gowns for the collection are all inspired from the love, passion and talent that have gone in the making of this new collection.”

Singer and actress Amika Shail presented the collection in her melodious voice humming the tune of her song ‘Ittefaqan’ from the upcoming movie Wedding Anniversary. Amika who was the show-starter for the collection said, “The quality of the product is a direct reflection of the quality of the excellent team that LJOW has and I must say that it’s unparalleled and excellent.”

The show-stopper of the evening was the handsome TV star Dishank Arora. Speaking on the occasion Dishank said, “It is a great pleasure to be a part of the collection launch on this special day. The collection is so vibrant and lively that each piece of jewellery speaks to you. I am sure with the new collection and the visually charged up campaign the brand will have a high engagement level and a large tribe of fans.”

Premlata Bagaria, Founder, Proton Communications commented, “Distinguished designs at attractive prices have always been preferred by the discerning Indian customer; the brand has its ear to the ground to understand the pulse of the consumer and convert it into a collection that can satiate this need. Proton communications is proud to partner with this collection launch that is sure to create a buzz. After the festivals and the Wedding Season, Valentine’s Day is yet another important day in our lives. In the US, the day sees maximum sales of jewellery, second only to candies. This can be repeated in India too!”


Aditya and Nazia pairing in Yeh Jo MohabbatHaireminds Farida Jalal of Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila in Aradhana.


This comment was made by her a month back at the music launch of the film.  Who knew that India’s first superstar Rajesh Khannawould not be with us when the film with the title of his most popular song releases on 3rd August.


“Kakaji gave to the industry what nobody came closer to. He was tagged as the King of Romance with his unbelievable persona – it will be impossible to find another to ever take his place” Said a nostalgic AshimSamanta


Meanwhile, the film promos and publicity is full one and in one particular real life episode a blushing Aditya was found to be the topic of discussion where two giggly girls couldn’t help but swoon over his great look-a-likeness to the legendary Rajesh Khanna in the promos.


Must say it’s a great responsibility for Aditya to live up to !





AdityaSamanta has a close shave with life !


Whilst shooting for the track ‘TereBina’ for the filmYeh Jo MohabbatHai– at the scenic locales of Zakopane in Poland – Aditya was so enraptured in enacting the whole scene, he hardly realized that he was a few feet away from the deep abyss of the heavenly location.

A unit member’s  impromptu and loud cry of shout seemed to have broken the spell and saved Aditya   just in the nick of time !

The whole unit including dad Ashim breathed a sign of relief.

Papa was in near tears. Alsoall the fawning and mooning by the entire unit left the shy guy Aditya blushing with embarrassment.

Aditya makes his debut with NaziaHussain ( niece to Sanjay Dutt and grand niece to NargisDutt) in the forthcoming film Yeh Jo MohabbatHai releasing 3rd August, 2012.

The film is a love saga based on the Romeo Juliet – it is a very emotional and passionate film and has all the makings of a true Samanta family banner which has given us iconic films like China Town, Howrah Bridge, Amar Prem, Aradhana, Kati Patang, Kashmir Ki Kali, Evening in Paris, Barsaat Ki EkRaat and more…



·   ‘Yeh Jo MohabbatHai’ was Rajesh Khanna song from Kati Patang. The song was a rage back in the 70’s and continues to be a very popular song

·   Kati Patang was produced and directed by Shakti Samantha who expired a few years back..Shakti Ji’s banner Aradhana Films is up for a revival and their comeback film’s Title is taken after the very same popular song

·   The idea was to draw attention and capitalize on their brand recall among the audiences

·   Aradhana Films have contributed ace films like Amar Prem, Howrah Bridge, China Town, Aradhana, Kashmir Ki Kali, Evening in Paris to name a few….

·   Yeh Jo MohabbatHai starring AdityaSamanta (grandson of Shakti Samanta) along with NaziaHussain (Sanjay Dutt’s niece).

Says producer AshimSamanta, “At Shakti Films we used to created magic. The song, Yeh Jo MohabbatHai was one of our most popular creations. While we were thinking on names for this film- which is a love story – Yeh Jo Mohabbathai was almost fitting and then why not to capitalize on our own creation.”

Interestingly…. The song Yeh Jo MohobbatHai was written by veteran lyricist AnandBakshi who passed away a few years back. However AshimSamanta acquired rights to AnandJi’s unused lyrics for the title track of Yeh Jo MohobbatHai.



Amanush to be Re-Made by Shakti Films….

Legendary film maker from Bengal Shakti Samanta was credited for starting a trend in making films in double version.  In year 1974 he made Amanush in Hindi and Bengali.  It was a huge hit.

In the recent past son AshimSamantawho  contributed with several interesting projects in his career span in Bollywood decided to revive his father’s banner.  He has produced  a film which has son AdityaSamanta making his debut in Yeh Jo Mohabbat  Hai releasing on 3rd August.  He has co-star NaziaHussain (who is the grand niece of NargisDutt, and niece to Sanjay Dutt).
The film has Farida Jalal who participates with the 3rd generation this time around and other actors like MohnishBehl, RatiAgnihotri, Anuradha Patel, MukeshTiwari etc…in this film.

The film background is set amongst a set of proud Indian families comprising of the Rathore and Choudhary who are both very wealthy hoteliers from Udaipur in Rajasthan.  An unsolved murder of a family member, combined with business rivalry and the need to prove to each other their supremacy deepens the enmity. However, God has other plans. A girl (Karishma) is born to the Rathore family and a boy (Karan) to the Choudhary family.   23 years hence, unknown of their family backgrounds, they meet each other one summer in the romantic and breathtaking locales of Poland where the journey of love and togetherness begins….It’s a beautiful narration where emotions, drama, lilting music and passionate romance make a great comeback.

The music is the highlight of the film and some interesting aspect is the lyrics of the title track ‘ PyarKarna Na tha’ has been acquired from the unused lyrics of AnandBakshi. With fantastic music provided by Anu Malik. Also the  playback singers has a diverse range of talent like  Mohitchauhan, Shaan, Sonu Nigam, Roop Kumar Rathod, Alisha Chinai, ShreyaGhoshal and NeerajShridhar… Also in a  first is the father – daughter duo Anu and Anmol Malik who come together for the peppy and racy wedding number in the film ‘ Big Fat Indian Wedding’.  Anmol’s voice suits the young and bubby star NaziaHussain who seems pretty smitten by the number. Anmol shows great promise and has been applauded by the members of the music industry on her talent.


Shakti Films have contributed with some great films to the Indian film industry…Movies like Howrah Bridge, China Town, Amar Prem, Aradhana, Kati Patang, Kashimir Ki Kali, An Evening in Paris are some of the iconic films and Shakti Samanta name is taken with great reverence and regards by members of the film fraternity.


AshimSamanta has expressed interest in the remake of Amanush with son Aditya in the lead cast…



Talentube.com raises $12M to promote ventures in film and entertainment

It is a well known fact that there are millions of talented aspirants spread across the country who are desirous and passionate about making a career in the Indian entertainment industry – a fact that is borne out by the thousands of applications and auditions that talent hunts on television channels attract. At the same time, it is true that fresh opportunities in the industry are few and mostly available to the elite and well connected. Despite knowing this, millions of aspirants continue to spend significant amounts of money, time and their emotions in chasing these opportunities bolstered by hope and passion.

Talent seekers like film directors, television producers, ad film makers, companies and brands, on the other hand are either too involved within their own worlds to really allocate time to identifying new talent or are reluctant to embark upon such endeavors.

Given this market reality, there is a burning need for a platform that can integrate and marry these two segments thereby catalyzing, enabling and facilitating their respective complementary needs. Talentube’s primary mission is to offer life-altering opportunities within the Indian entertainment industry to aspiring talent on a scale and format that is a first of its kind in the world, in a uniquely transparent, fair and effective manner.

To begin with, in the first year, Talentube will be focusing on Bollywood as it is the most desired career destination for aspiring talent. In a coup of sorts, Talentube has roped in three of India’s leading filmmakers – Sudhir Mishra, Mahesh Manjrekar and Sangeeth Sivan – to direct its initial three film productions. The first movie that will be offered to the talentube community will be directed by National Award Winning Director, Mahesh Manjrekar, followed by National Award Winning Director Sudhir Mishra’s film and a third project by the highly successful and iconic filmmaker, Sangeeth Sivan. In the coming weeks, talent across the country will get the opportunity to audition for Mahesh’s film from the comfort of their homes or even using their mobile phones.

Says Vinod G. Nair, Founder & MD of Talentube and Managing Director of Clea Public Relations, “We are a trio bitten by the we-wanna-do-more bug brought together by   fate and Beerud Sheth, our Founding Mentor. Talentube is a result of the common passions that we share and our burning desire to democratize Bollywood and the entire Indian entertainment Industry!”

The Talentube model is unique and a world first, since it offers the entire gamut of talent opportunities within each film (acting, singing, dancing, choreography, song-writing, script writing, music direction etc.) exclusively to the Talentube community. Only a few key technical talent like Director, Cinematographer etc. will be pre-decided for any project, while the rest – kalakaar to chitrakkar and hero to zero – will be chosen from the Talentube community. Aspirants will be able to audition and interview for the opportunities both online as well as offline and will be guaranteed a fair and transparent process of selection. Every project will be guaranteed for completion and every audition will be considered and evaluated for short-listing.

By the second year, apart from Hindi films, Talentube will also be announcing film projects in regional languages such as, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam and Bengali amongst others; and will also make its foray into the world of television serials and television commercials. All opportunities that arise in these areas will also be offered exclusively to members of the Talentube community. As the community grows, there will be many projects being announced simultaneously and continuously including talent hunts for singers, dancers, game shows, model hunts, beauty pageants and other innovative properties.

Talentube has put together an ‘Innovation & Creative Advisory Board’, chaired by Sudhir Mishra and comprising of filmmakers Mahesh Manjrekar, Sangeeth Sivan, Bobby Khan (who is also the Producer and Creative Head for Talentube); Veteran Cine-Journalist and Editor Cine Blitz, Nishi Prem; Beerud Sheth, Co-founder and CEO of Gupshup, the world’s largest mobile community and the irrepressible, multi-faceted and gregarious RJ Malishka. Apart from catalysing innovation and nurturing creativity, the Talentube Innovation & Creative Board will also mentor, groom and train selected talent.

Says Sudhir Mishra, Chairman of Talentube’s Innovation and Creative Board – “It’s not just the talent that needs us! We too need them! With Talentube, new talent gets the opportunity for the big break where they get to work with well known and acclaimed filmmakers. And even talent that is seeking to enhance and grow its career can be a part of the community and seek the right opportunities for themselves. I believe that Talentube is a disruptive and game-changing initiative that will take Indian Showbiz to its next generation”.

Every audition that is submitted on Talentube, goes through a four-stage filtration and short-listing process prior to making the final short list that is evaluated by the Director. The Talentube team has indigenously developed a unique and revolutionary evaluation tool called the Talent Quotient (TQ) Meter. Based on parametric evaluation principles, heuristic algorithms and pro-logic decoding techniques the TQ Meter provides members and applicants with a personalized TQ Score that analyzes their relevant skills, characteristics and suitability to the aspired role. The TQ Meter identifies area of improvement and guides the aspirant towards achieving greater success in their auditions.

Adds Vinod G Nair, “Talentube’s objective is to become the single largest producer of entertainment IP in India and also to be the largest community of qualified talent in India. We hope to establish a meritocracy within showbiz, where the talented get equal opportunities to thrive and succeed.

For more details log on to talentube.com